Cinder & Smoke; just two small words that can describe so much. These words can describe a spark of something new such as life, love, or an event. Or something that leads to chaos like that of death, the past, or of failure. The story that unfolds dabbles in all of these and more, with a mystic and powerful touch that plays and pulls at the heart strings. Will the world burn bright like cinders of a flame, or go up in smoke? The tale will surely be shocking.


Welcome, Readers! I go by the penname Hokousha, but you can call me Hoko or Rae. I have been telling stories and drawing comics since as far back as I can remember. I've always had a fervor for spinning fantastical tales and creating worlds for others to get lost in. I love sharing stories so much that there is no fee to enjoy reading them. Make yourself at home and enjoy the tales.

24 Karat is a story that follows a young boy who has a heart of gold, quite literally, as he discovers what it means to love and to be loved all while being under the watchful eyes of a covetous dragon. In ancient times, far before humans roamed the earth, the first dragons saw their offspring's fight one another and decided that only one needed to rule; one that could find that which is most valuable would be the heir.